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Connect with a Group

We have many groups for you to connect with others and grow stronger as we walk together. We have groups from, Small Groups, Bible Studies, and Sunday School. This link will take you to our Church Center where you can connect with Community Groups, Signup for Events, and more. Click Connect to check it out.


Worship Through Giving


Tithing is the most basic and practical expression of worship. Malachi 3:7 shows that it’s a deeply sincere point of relational love with God. When his people had stopped tithing, it was personal. He said, “Return to me.” So, the first and primary purpose of the tithe is worship. It’s a worshipful expression of a heart for God.

The 2nd reason for the tithe is functional. It’s to resource God’s work. God was holding the people accountable for the weakness of the temple worship. When they stopped tithing, the Levites (who had no inheritance) were forced to work in the fields of those who were blessed with an inheritance. He told them to bring “the whole tithe” (the tenth) into the storehouse. (Malachi 3:10) When they started tithing again, the
Levites were able to return to their work at the temple. Tithing is a worshipful expression of a heart for God’s House.

The third purpose of the tithe has to do with God’s heart for our house. (Malachi 3:10) This means that God is well able to do more with the 90% percent that remains, than what we’re able to do by keeping 100% for ourselves.

We cannot be generous with the tithe, because, by definition, it already belongs to God. But we can worship with the tithe, by bringing it to the storehouse (your church) as a worshipful act of trust and release.

This portal is for our church family. Should you desire to tithe online, just click on the link, and the next page will walk you through the process.

As a point of encouragement, you may want to pause with a moment of worshipful gratitude for God’s abundant provision, before you hit send. ☺

Sincerely, Pastor Dave

Giving Online

As we give online, please be aware that your donation will go further by giving via online check (ACH Transfer). When using a debit card, we will be charged 3% of your donation. We thank you for helping us be diligent by using ACH transfer.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 

1 Corinthians 13:13